28 Arresting Art Piece That Will Force You To Think

One of the benefits of an interest art piece is that it will force you to think. The right piece will challenge your reality, bring out a specific emotion, or just leave you feeling a bit puzzled.

Here are 28 of our picks for the most striking pieces of art from across the web. We feel each of these pieces capture something arresting either in our current culture. 

Let us know which moved you:

This interesting piece is by @Karmanverdi and makes you ponder how to better enjoy solo meals. Especially in 2020, more people around the world are experiencing loneliness and extended solitude.

The feelings of this image were so powerful to those having shared experiences that the artist became an overnight success.

This stunning piece of photography by @sucukundbratwurst is a reminder of the Japanese tradition of fixing broken ceramics. When a dish breaks, an artist will mold it back together using gold to fill in the cracks. It’s a reminder that being broken doesn’t make you less gorgeous or valuable.

How relaxed do you feel while watching this video by @honear? Is it possible to have a video lullaby to fall asleep to? ‘Cause this one’s doing it for me.

Are you craving vacation? This image by @karolgustavv is how we’re all feeling right now – desperate to grab your suitcase, get on a plan, and enjoy a dang margarita on the beach. Is this the substitute?

Have you heard of sapiosexuality? This intriguing image by @_virginia_mori_ does a great representation for people who find intelligence sexually attractive or arousing. If you’re into a partner who can partake in thrilling dialogue, you probably lean a bit this way too.

Video by Director @massimiliano_bomba⁠ , Featuring @calartsdance

Do you ponder the meaning of dance pieces or just enjoy the entertainment? I can’t help but wonder if these artists are trying to portray something with each movement. Or who knows? They may be swatting mozzies.

This art by @tanuj_jpg wants to remind you, being original is still important. In a digital world where stealing content has become the norm, how can we get back to celebrating originality and the artists among us?

Video by @miketyus, Shot by @joyisabellabrown

What would it be like to be swallowed by the sky? Dreamy? Terrifying? Looks graceful either way.

This art series by @elirezkallah is getting a lot of attention, as she took vintage ads and flipped the gender roles. It’s crazy to think that such standards were the norm just sixty odd years ago. A great reminder for how far we’ve come.

This sculptor art by @johnmorrissculptor is titled ‘Butterfly Effect’ and I’m curious for your interpretation. Is she trapped by the standards of feminine beauty? Is she into BDSM? Take a guess.

Video by 良创工坊 on Douyin.

If I burn, you burn… but we’ll make it a beautiful dance on the way there? Or is it something about melting into each other? Gorgeous either way.

The artist @thezairul claims “it’s a-boat time!” with this mind boggling image. Are we sailing to the end of the world? Or is earth a cube? #mindblown

You could watch this video by @juanitoalive over and over again (perhaps without the audio). How are they so flawless? Is magic real? Must be.

“Come on, babe. Let’s go watch the world burn.” Art by @julianmajin makes you wonder what a date will look like during the apocalypse. Did you bring snacks?

Video by ZXY698(Döuyin)

This one might now bewilder the mind into perplexing epiphanies, but it does leave you in awe of the incredible artist. I also wonder if I’ll become art one day… completely molded into the spot I too frequently occupy on my couch.

This art by @ibayarifin offers a deep curiosity – are we all made of spaghetti? All jokes aside, this does rather draw you in with curiosity of what the man is seeing. The end of the Universe? God? Or just a giant hole in a tree?

The ceramic art by @johnson_tsang_artist may leave you feeling a bit bummed out about what your Tinder game may be looking like for the rest of 2020… but it’s also kind of beautiful. Wait, can medical masks be beautiful?

Video by @ghost3dee

This account has us all wondering if the work of science fiction can be so visually appealing. Yes – the answer is yes. Don’t believe us? Go look at the account.

Embroidery hasn’t ever been so appealing! @rebordacao has us all ready to pick up some thread and needles in order to write up a sassy message on the throw pillows. It’s art!

This art piece by @moi_escudero is emotional. The artist gives tribute to the health care workers who are trying their best to keep people alive during this crisis. Very humbling artwork.

Video by @joohanlink

Not really sure this is art…. but as I can’t stop watching it, there’s evidence in how captivating it is. What do you think?

This artwork by @joyceartworks has us wondering… what all is she shredding off? With all the masks carried around each day, is the artist pulling back the layers of perfectionism and polish? Or perhaps that’s just how I see it.

Video by @insane51 

It’s hard to say if there’s a deeper meaning in this one or just a freaking cool design. Either way, I’m impressed.

This art by @leegan_art is interesting… Why did Sponge Bob think a colorful fish friend was his sure fire way of winning the annual white t-shirt contest at the harbor? That’s still to be confirmed…

Video by @morganpaintsstuff

So obssessed with all these bold lines! Give us more.

Art by @rombutan can be interpreted in many ways. It may be a cry for more activists speaking up for what they believe in. Or perhaps it’s just a reminder to be different, to be bold. What do you make of it?

I often wonder if there will be a time when there’s a total merge and I become one with my devices… @saatchi_gallery gives us a glimpse of what that reality might just look like. It’s clever!

Video by @patrik_prosko

This Tesla installation shows you just how talented and creative people are. What looks like a pile of old technology equipment is actually a clever portrait.

So, tell us – which artwork gave you the most the think about?